League Of Legends Drop Hack

League Of Legends Drop Hack 

Had you sometimes that you played well and your team were losing you the game? Or you were winning the game and someone of your team just left the game? Never lose a ranked game again!

Who Am I?
I am a student who is studying a security enginering, League Of Legends is not the first game which I exploited. Riot have very low security.

What is this?
It's a method with which you can disconnect all the players so the game will disappear from your game history, the game won't exist in your match history anymore, it will be like you never played this match before. So if you are loosing the game and you know that you will loose this game just use this method, and play next one game.

How it works?

In this method you will learn how to send the wrong packets to the server on which the game is hosted, then the server response crashed packets to the players.

Thats how people elo boosting.

-Few emails which I received-



Method will be updated in 1 day if riot will make any update.